The Picking Sisters are the packing sisters!

Sad to say, we will be closing our booth at Picker Joe’s in February. We would like

to sell our inventory as a lot to a dealer or designer who will love our kitschy

furniture, paintings, housewares, etc. Come by to see lamps, books and linens. All

shelving and displays are included.

Please email at with questions or to talk about pricing.

Belonged to Indiana Jones?

This fabulous vintage L.L. Bean canvas tote has the look of being well-traveled. Maybe it belonged to an adventurer. The well-worn leather just adds to the legend.

The tag inside is in script, so we know the bag is pre-1970’s. Since in all candor the bag had Howard Johnson and Piedmont airlines tags attached. the bag probably never went to Morocco or Tibet. But it is way cool and we added it to our booth at Picker Joe’s.



Meet the new monkey!

I’m a lucky girl. My picking sister brought me a lovely addition to the sock monkey troop. Her name is Rae. (Seriously never knew monkeys travelled in troops, but my internet search said so.)

She’s a classic beauty, no? (No clue why she wanted to pose in this desk.)


This is her selfie.Raemonkey3

As you can see, she’s settled in quite nicely. Welcome Rae!


My soap is 98 years old!

We found a copy of National Geographic magazine from 1917. The artwork and illustration used in the advertisements was amazing – and only 25 cents an issue.


I am fascinated that so many of the companies that advertised in 1917 are still in business 98 years later. Many had flowery language and made some pretty amazing claims.

This is my favorite gum although I’ve never used it for insomnia.
We sell vintage Pyrex in our booth, but it’s still for sale everywhere.
RCA, Kodak and Goodyear are still with us.
Ah, the days when men were the secretaries.








And here is my soap…still 99% pure. And of course, it floats.

Yikes! Put the can in the pot before you open it?

I am a person who doesn’t cook, but I still love to buy vintage recipe booklets like one called “Magic Recipes”. Clearly it is ad for Eagle Brand Condensed Milk. This is first recipe I’ve ever seen when you didn’t have to open the can and the directions say to boil it for 3 hours. Scary.!Magic!

As a copywriter, I think they went a bit overboard with the exclamation points! Not sure what an ice splinter is?Exclaim!

Here’s another dubious recipe from a 1960 booklet of recipes using Knox Gelatin. Canned shrimp and chili sauce? Who cares that it’s only 66 calories?

Shrimp Recipe

The woman on the cover looks happier than I would to be cooking in high heels.


Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp. , makers of canning jars, produced this 1943 patriotic recipe collection with an introduction by President Franklin Roosevelt. It offered a guideline for how many jars to use. 100 ears of corn would require 14 pint jars while 15 pineapples require 30 pint jars. Must have been tough carrying out the groceries…Canning

Our family has come a long way in 82 years…yep, one whole block.

Our family history is a familiar 20th century one. Immigrant grandparents came to this country in the early 1900’s from Europe. They opened a grocery store – the kind where some things were behind a counter. They lived above the store, started a family and then moved the business to the “suburbs”.

This is a photo of David’s Supermarket. It was originally opened at the corner of 40th and Bull Street in midtown Savannah. Not just a grocery store, but a  more modern version for the early 1930’s and staffed by who else? Mostly family members. (Including both Picking Sisters.)DavidsB&W DavidsInt. 40th St. Sign DavidsNeonLtrs

Now David’s Supermarket is closed, but weren’t we smart to snag the neon letters from the building before it was rebuilt as a Save-a-Lot?

41st St. SignIt’s 2015 and two family members still run a business in midtown. A whole block away on 41st Street at Picker Joe’s Antique Mall. We are the Picking Sisters  and we’d like to think that somehow our Grandfather, Abraham Rosenzweig , knows that his entrepreneurial spirit lives on (and nearby too).

Buying stockings from a door to door salesman. WHAT?

My picking sister brought me a pair of custom made support hose to research from a company called Real Silk. They were made for a very large woman and mailed directly to her home.

I learned that silk stockings were once sold door to door!  RealSilk Hosiery Mills were founded in Indianapolis, IN in 1922. The “shop-at-home way” was offered and a salesmen would help you choose the correct size and color, hold up the stockings to your various outfits and even pick shades that made your ankles look slim! They also sold socks for men. At one time, Real Silk was selling 30% of all the stockings sold in the USA.

Real Silk ad

RealSilk1 RealSilk2 RealSilk3